A Skateboard Collector's Journey

A Skateboard Collector's Journey 978-1-954145-47-4 - Nonsuch Media Pte Ltd

A Skateboard Collector's Journey by H. Matsumoto and A. Lee

There’s something special about collecting artist skateboards. It’s not just about the fabulous designs—it’s also about the culture and community surrounding skateboarding. As a luxury art collector, you’re not just buying a piece of art—you’re investing in an entire lifestyle. Skateboards are unique works of art, and each one has its own story. By becoming a knowledgeable collector, you’ll be able to appreciate the beauty and value of these decks. Whether you’re into big-name artists or prefer up-and-coming ones, this book, Cultured Collector: A Skateboard Collector’s Journey, is for you.

ISBN: 9781954145474