Emoções: 33 Poemas (Portuguese Edition)

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Emoções: 33 Poemas (Portuguese Edition) by Saldira Saldanha

Portuguese poet Saldira Saldanha presents her literary debut, Emoções: 33 Poemas, a collection of poetry that explores themes of love, longing, loss, and self-discovery, universal themes that everyone can relate to. With her evocative and poetic prose, Saldanha takes us on a journey through the labyrinths of the soul, exploring the desires, fears, and hopes that reside within us all. Her poetry is a mixture of beauty and pain, and her words are sincere and powerful. Emoções: 33 Poemas is a stunning and captivating work that marks the beginning of a promising career for this young Portuguese poet. This book will certainly inspire emotion and reflection in her readers. This collection of poetry by Saldira Saldanha is an excellent choice if you want to read something that’s both enriching and intense. She’s a poet to watch and one that promises more to come.

LANGUAGE: Portuguese
HARDBACK ISBN: 9781954145382


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