Formulating Ideas Uninterrupted

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Formulating Ideas Uninterrupted by A.P. Oliveira, Angela Lee

Formulating Ideas Uninterrupted is a chronicle of A.P. Oliveira’s industrial and graphic design work over the years. It documents his journey with sagas of inspiration that motivates him to create while also reflecting on what it means for someone like himself-an independent thinker who doesn’t follow trends or act according to society’s expectations but rather designs things his own way. The author believes the best designers are able to take into account all aspects of a project, from the initial sketches and prototypes to the final release. They understand that good design is not just about making something look stylish or cool; it’s about creating something that is both functionally and aesthetically pleasing while still meeting the needs of the client. Formulating Ideas Uninterrupted is filled with illustrations of previous works and images of prototypes and finished products. You don’t have to be a designer to create a better life. We all have the power to create. All you need is some basic guidelines and the desire.

: 9781954145788
PAPERBACK ISBN: 9781954145771
EBOOK ISBN: 9781954145733