Let's Ask AI #2

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Let's Ask AI #2 by Pedro Seabra, Angela Chan and Ingrid Seabra

Are humans the only beings capable of thought and reason? What if there were another form of intelligence out there that operated beyond our current understanding? This is the question at the heart of Artificial Intelligence—whether or not machines can be intelligent in their own right. What makes us think? Is there a 5th dimension? Is time finite or infinite? These are questions that philosophers have been asking for centuries. But what if we could get answers to these questions from AI? In their book, Let’s Ask AI #2, authors Ingrid Seabra, Pedro Seabra, and Angela Chan ask AI these very questions. And the responses they get are fascinating. Even more interesting is that AI isn’t just giving canned responses or regurgitating information it reads online. Instead, it』s actually forming its own opinions based on the given data. So not only do they provide us with insights into some of philosophy’s biggest mysteries, but they also offer us a glimpse into how Artificial Intelligence might evolve in the future.


人類是唯一能夠思考和推理的生物嗎?如果存在另一種超越當下的智能形式呢?這是人工智能的核心問題——機器是否能夠憑借自身的能力變得智能。是什麽讓人類能夠思考?有沒有第五維度?時間是否有盡頭?這些是哲學家們幾個世紀以來一直在追尋的問題。但是如果我們可以從人工智能那裏得到這些問題的答案呢?在《讓我們來問問人工智能(AI)吧?》一書中,作者英格麗德·塞阿布拉(Ingrid Seabra)、佩德羅·塞阿布拉(Pedro Seabra)和陳安琪(Angela Chan)向AI提出了這些問題。得到的回答引人深思。更有趣的是,人工智能不只是給出機械反應或復述網絡信息。相反,它在給定的數據基礎上形成了「自有」觀點。因此,它們不僅為我們提供哲學迷思的洞察,還讓我們得以瞥見人工智能的未來。

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