Nonsuch Media Pte. Ltd. is an independent book publisher based in Singapore that connects the world to Portuguese-speaking cultures. As the only book publishing house of its kind in Singapore, it offers a unique gateway into Lusophone nations—an expansive global community forming one of Europe’s most widely spoken languages.


Portuguese authors, poets, and illustrators are at the forefront of a cultural revolution taking place in Asia. Portugal has a distinguished literary history, with new generations continuing to write innovative and dynamic works. Regardless of whether it is classic literature or modern poetry, the nation’s contribution to European literature is undeniable. However, many of today’s authors remain largely unknown outside their borders. In order to achieve true cultural diversity, Portuguese creatives must be supported through strong European policy initiatives that provide them with access to a global audience. At Nonsuch Media, we are aiming to bring more of their works into Asian markets and help Europe’s best writers and illustrators work together while facilitating greater readership for Portuguese literature around the world. This movement will help translators refine their artistry, as well as open new doors for emerging writers on an international stage—allowing them to do what they love best: writing!


Our goal is to establish an international platform for Portuguese authors, poets, and illustrators to showcase their works—from emerging talent to widely renowned artists. This initiative aims to cultivate a global awareness of the vibrant culture that is deeply embedded in Portuguese culture. 


Through increased circulation across Asian markets, creatives will be empowered with greater readership and financial opportunity. This will give them more freedom to work on their craft and will also provide recognition for the translators who make these stories come to life by breaking language barriers.


Promoting and expanding the reach of these authors is pivotal. By introducing and amplifying up-and-coming Portuguese authors and poets, their works can reach new heights. We can achieve this by organizing a series of exciting events to get their works into readers’ hands. These activities will include bilingual readings, youth leadership programs, workshops for publishing, writing, illustration, and translating, reading programs at schools, libraries, and cultural institutions, pre-publications previews for upcoming releases, and other initiatives. These initiatives will help foster the next generation of creative professionals in the publishing industry.


As one of the largest markets in the world, Asia offers a unique opportunity to play a significant role in promoting collaborations between authors, poets, illustrators, and translators. The promotion of these wonderful stories provides much-needed support for emerging and established authors in developing their careers and not going unnoticed.


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