meet our AUTHORS


Ingrid Seabra has a diverse background in banking and statistics, working as an analyst for Barclays Bank before moving onto the European Central Bank. There she served as both a statistician and mathematician until 2007, when she joined BIAL Pharmaceutical Portugal to become their senior biostatistician. Ingrid continues to write on Artificial Intelligence, and her books are published regularly worldwide. She’s also currently writing children books about traveling with her family while researching technologies from all over the world.


Shoma Hamamoto is a collector and curator of fine timepieces. Since he was three years old, he has been fascinated by watches when his grandfather gave him his first Patek Philippe Gondolo pocket watch. Now, his goal is to help people discover and understand horological treasures, whether you are a first-time buyer, aficionado, or seasoned collector. Driven by the belief that everyone should have access to information about their passion for collecting watches, Shoma takes pride in being an expert who educates collectors around the world with his writings on international watch publications like Collecting Times, Wristwatch News, and Cultured Collector, among others. He also serves as a consultant and curator for private collections and auction houses. When he’s not working on books or articles about horology, Shoma scours the globe for collectible timepieces from Omega, Patek Philippe Cartier, IWC, and more.


Angela Chan is a venture capitalist and a published author who has dedicated her life to embracing anything that promises change for the better, including Artificial Intelligence and virtual reality. She believes these emerging fields will help us navigate through our complex world more efficiently than ever before. Her love of tech began when she started computer science in junior high school. Now Angela is an AI-enthusiast. Her books on Artificial Intelligence are available worldwide.


Betina Lobo was born in Tavira, Portugal. Her scholarly pursuits have always been a driving force in her life, so she traded life at the office for the freedom of writing full-time. This change in lifestyle has allowed her to focus on her passion for researching and exploring Artificial Intelligence. Her research on AI explores how this rapidly growing field will impact society as a whole and individuals specifically. In addition to her writing career, Lobo also enjoys spending time with her family—hiking, swimming, playing Go, reading, and traveling to different parts of the world to experience new cultures.


In addition to being a successful businessman, Pedro Seabra has spent time working as an entrepreneur and venture capitalist. Pedro also has an eye for innovative technologies like Artificial Intelligence, quantum computing, and robotics, which will significantly impact society soon enough. He’s a published author on Artificial Intelligence, and his books are available globally.

H. Matsumoto

H. Matsumoto’s passion for high-end collectibles began with designer toys. Initially, the author was drawn to their unique designs and craftsmanship but soon realized they were also becoming valuable investments. Matsumoto’s collection now spans many different genres and styles of artwork. So why does the author collect? Matsumoto simply appreciates the different forms of creativity and expression. Each item in the collection tells a story or showcases a unique talent and is an experience that can be shared with friends.

A. Lee

A. Lee has been collecting contemporary art, designer toys, and artist skateboards for many years now. The author believes these luxury items are not only beautiful to look at but also have the potential to appreciate in value over time. Lee’s vast collection of contemporary art features original paintings, sculptures, prints, skateboards, and mixed media pieces by some of the most talented artists today. What makes the author’s collections so special is not just their size or diversity but also the fact that each piece has been carefully curated with a discerning eye for quality and artistic merit. Lee loves being able to connect with artists directly, learning about their process, and seeing their work evolve over time. The author believes collecting is more than just owning the art; it’s about supporting the artists and helping them succeed.a

H. Matsumoto