meet our AUTHORS


Ingrid Seabra has a diverse background in banking and statistics, working as an analyst for Barclays Bank before moving onto the European Central Bank. There she served as both a statistician and mathematician until 2007, when she joined BIAL Pharmaceutical Portugal to become their senior biostatistician. Ingrid continues to write on Artificial Intelligence, and her books are published regularly worldwide. She’s also currently writing children books about traveling with her family while researching technologies from all over the world.


Shoma Hamamoto is a collector and curator of fine timepieces. Since he was three years old, he has been fascinated by watches when his grandfather gave him his first Patek Philippe Gondolo pocket watch. Now, his goal is to help people discover and understand horological treasures, whether you are a first-time buyer, aficionado, or seasoned collector. Driven by the belief that everyone should have access to information about their passion for collecting watches, Shoma takes pride in being an expert who educates collectors around the world with his writings on international watch publications like Collecting Times, Wristwatch News, and Cultured Collector, among others. He also serves as a consultant and curator for private collections and auction houses. When he’s not working on books or articles about horology, Shoma scours the globe for collectible timepieces from Omega, Patek Philippe Cartier, IWC, and more.


Angela Chan is a venture capitalist and a published author who has dedicated her life to embracing anything that promises change for the better, including Artificial Intelligence and virtual reality. She believes these emerging fields will help us navigate through our complex world more efficiently than ever before. Her love of tech began when she started computer science in junior high school. Now Angela is an AI-enthusiast. Her books on Artificial Intelligence are available worldwide.


Betina Lobo creates poetry that pulses with the rhythm of her Portuguese heritage and the intricacies of human experience. With a touch of enchantment, she breathes life into ordinary moments, weaving them into intricate masterpieces adorned with vivid metaphors and lyrical verses. To Betina, poetry is more than art; it’s a universal connector, transcending barriers between people and cultures. Her verses not only pay homage to the beauty of the Portuguese language but also resonate with the shared emotions of humanity.


In addition to being a successful businessman, Pedro Seabra has spent time working as an entrepreneur and venture capitalist. Pedro also has an eye for innovative technologies like Artificial Intelligence, quantum computing, and robotics, which will significantly impact society soon enough. He’s a published author on Artificial Intelligence, and his books are available globally.

H. Matsumoto

H. Matsumoto’s passion for high-end collectibles began with designer toys. Initially, the author was drawn to their unique designs and craftsmanship but soon realized they were also becoming valuable investments. Matsumoto’s collection now spans many different genres and styles of artwork. So why does the author collect? Matsumoto simply appreciates the different forms of creativity and expression. Each item in the collection tells a story or showcases a unique talent and is an experience that can be shared with friends.

A. Lee

A. Lee has been collecting contemporary art, designer toys, and artist skateboards for many years now. The author believes these luxury items are not only beautiful to look at but also have the potential to appreciate in value over time. Lee’s vast collection of contemporary art features original paintings, sculptures, prints, skateboards, and mixed media pieces by some of the most talented artists today. What makes the author’s collections so special is not just their size or diversity but also the fact that each piece has been carefully curated with a discerning eye for quality and artistic merit. Lee loves being able to connect with artists directly, learning about their process, and seeing their work evolve over time. The author believes collecting is more than just owning the art; it’s about supporting the artists and helping them succeed.

Saldira Saldanha

Saldira Saldanha was born in Lisbon, Portugal, and raised in a family of passionate and creative minds. Growing up, she developed a love for the written word, the nuances of language, and the power of spoken sound. She devoted her time to writing poems and short stories. Saldanha is a published author of several poetry collections, and she hopes to inspire the next generation of poets with her words.

Tamara Villaverde

Tamara Villaverde is a Portuguese poet who has been an admirer of literature and poetry since childhood. Her love for travel was inspired by her fascination with nature. Villaverde crossed the world, visiting some of the most beautiful places on Earth, searching for knowledge and enlightenment. Her words evoke a feeling of calm, transporting the reader to a tranquil place away from chaos. Villaverde’s work is a testament to her love for the natural world, and it is certain to inspire and move readers for years to come. She dedicates her poetry to her family and to the wonders of mother nature.

Raquel Lajes

The complex facets of the human spirit are explored in the poetry of Portuguese poet Raquel Lajes. She takes readers through the maze-like passages of the heart while unraveling the mysteries of life. Raquel finds inspiration in the rich cultural legacy of Portugal, bringing traditional themes and vivid colors of her native country to life in her rhymes. She distills life’s raw moments into powerful language through her poetry, which explores themes of love, longing, sadness, and resilience. Raquel’s moving poems expose readers to the comfort that comes from our common humanity and the ability of poetry to shed light on our inner landscape through poignant analogies and a love for the beauty of language. Her little word twists strike a deep chord, reaffirming our ability to transcend and experience bliss.

Manuel Joaquim Gentil

Manuel Joaquim Gentil immerses readers in a fantastical setting that sheds light on the human condition through stirring poetry that resounds with emotional depth. The poet from Portugal skillfully weaves together earthly marvels, cultural treasures, and hard-earned lessons from his voyage with each line, making it unfold like a story. From the Portuguese coast to the depths of the human heart, Gentil’s body of work crosses both actual and figurative oceans. Gentil’s poetry, however, invariably veers back to his cultural roots, where bittersweet nostalgia and ancestral wisdom permeate each stanza, regardless of whether the poet is walking on Portuguese soil or another land. Gentil’s poetic prose beckons us to explore the depths of our common humanity and find significance in the intricacies of life, as an adventurous traveler in both life and poem.

Mateus Corte-Real

Mateus Corte-Real is a Portuguese poet whose entrancing lyrics delve into the depths of the psyche to explore its transient joys and enduring hardships. His complex prose takes readers on reflective voyages that highlight the human spirit’s resiliency and the beauty found in unexpected places. The sensitive portrayal of both the sublime and the commonplace by Corte-Real encourages reflection on unspoken reality.

Astrid Auxier

Astrid Auxier is an author and inspirational guide with a deep understanding of the human experience and a steadfast passion for personal growth. She empowers people to accept their imperfections and find beauty in everyday life. Raised in a multicultural environment, Astrid developed an early fascination with the world and its diverse philosophies. This curiosity sparked a lifelong journey of personal discovery, during which she explored numerous cultures and traditions.