Artificial intelligence is changing the way we think about education.

A Inteligência Artificial e o Futuro da Educação explores what this means and how it can help with future education needs. How will AI impact the classroom?

What if you could ask artificial intelligence philosophical questions...

What would it say about us as humans or our place in the universe? Conversas com a Inteligência Artificial: 111 Perguntas is the second volume in the Conversas com a Inteligência Artificial series and takes on philosophical conundrums through AI's eyes.

Artificial intelligence: something that most people will never actually have the chance to experience...

Conversas com a Inteligência Artificial examines questions about the nature of humanity and existence. AI is a common topic of discussion in the world today, but many people have never had to think about it from an artificial intelligence perspective.

What if you could communicate with AI?

Let's Ask AI explores age-old thought-provoking questions answered by artificial intelligence. The book outlines many philosophical questions regarding life, death, and God...

Companion book to As Aventuras do Gastão no Japão

This companion volume is a coloring book and also includes questions and answers from the different locations Gastão and his parents visited.

The second in the series of Gastão Adventures

Gastão is a young boy from Portugal with a passion for travel. This time Gastão’s parents whisked him off to Japan so he could learn and experience Japanese culture in all its modernity as well as antiquity!

The first in the series of Gastão Adventures

Gastão and his parents travel from Portugal to Miami for vacation. The family packs their bags and gets on a plane the next day. They fly for about nine hours before touching down in Miami.