The Adventures of Gastão in Japan (Simplified Chinese Edition) 加斯顿的日本历险记

The Adventures of Gastao In Japan Simplified Chinese - 9781954145313 9781954145849 - Nonsuch Media


The Adventures of Gastão in Japan (Simplified Chinese Edition) by Ingrid Seabra, Pedro Seabra, Angela Chan

加斯顿的日本历险记 (The Adventures of Gastão in Japan (Simplified Chinese Edition)) centers around Gastão, a young boy from Portugal who loves to travel with his parents, and he is excited to visit Japan. When they arrived, Gastão and his parents were struck by the contrast between the country’s ancient traditions and its cutting-edge technology. They were quickly enveloped by the bustling city life of Tokyo, with its towering skyscrapers and flashing lights. But as they explored Japan, they also discovered pockets of calm and tranquility, such as serene gardens and temples. They were fascinated by the way that ancient customs were still very much a part of daily life, from the ceremonial tea ceremony to the ubiquitous kimonos. And they were amazed by the technological advances, from high-speed trains to robotic assistants. Gastão was rewarded with a rich experience that gave him a more profound understanding of Japanese society and culture. He is always eager to learn about different cultures and lifestyles, and he loves to share his own Portuguese culture with others. The Adventures of Gastão in Japan in Simplified Chinese is sure to please young readers who want to learn about other countries and societies without having to leave their own backyard.

LANGUAGE: Simplified Chinese

HARDBACK ISBN: 9781954145313

PAPERBACK ISBN: 9781954145320

EBOOK ISBN: 9781954145849