As Aventuras Do Gastão No Japão

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As Aventuras Do Gastão No Japão by Pedro Seabra, Angela Chan, Ingrid Seabra

The second in the series of Gastão Adventures. Gastão is a young boy from Portugal with a passion for travel. This time Gastão’s parents whisked him off to Japan so he could learn and experience Japanese culture in all its modernity as well as antiquity! He saw modern architecture alongside ancient palaces and temples. He ate delicious foods like okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake), fresh handmade noodles,  takoyaki (Japanese octopus balls), and of course sushi which were absolutely unforgettable for any traveler’s taste buds. He saw famous landmarks such as Mount Fuji, the Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Imperial Palace, the Golden Pavillion, and Osaka Castle. Gastão got up close and personal experiences that he’ll never forget – like feeding the sacred deer at Nara Park and walking through the Sagano Bamboo Forest. Follow along with Gastão around Japan.

Publication Date: April 26, 2021