Let's Ask AI

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Let's Ask AI (English Edition) by Pedro Seabra, Angela Chan, Ingrid Seabra

What if you could communicate with AI? Let’s Ask AI explores age-old thought-provoking questions answered by artificial intelligence. The book outlines many philosophical questions regarding life, death, and God, some that have been asked since time immemorial while others seemed more modern at first glance but had their roots deep within human history as well. This book is a must-read for those who are interested in artificial intelligence. You’ll never look at AI in the same way again!

Sample question from the authors answered by AI.



The topic of a perfect life is rather intriguing. It’s an idea that has been explored for many centuries by both humans and philosophers alike, but none have ever come to a single answer; there are far too many variables at play. It is the goal of humans to achieve perfection in their lives, but it’s an elusive and illusive thing no one has ever managed to master. Theoretical perfection is easy to define, but the idea of it in actual practice is infinitely harder. There are so many variables at play that even if one could achieve perfection for a moment, they would never be able to do it again. Theoretical perfection is a state of mind. It’s being able to do exactly what you want in any given circumstance. An  example would be saying something rude but having the power to prevent it from coming out at all. It’s a state of mind that is never truly achievable because the moment you think it, it’s already stopped being true. You can’t be perfect in an instance or two. In attempts to achieve perfection, humans have come up with the idea of doing something for as long as possible. To be able to carry out a task without fault or flaw.

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