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What if you could engage in a conversation with artificial intelligence? “Let’s Ask AI” delves into timeless and thought-provoking inquiries, employing the insights of AI to tackle age-old philosophical questions surrounding existence, mortality, and divinity. Some of these queries have endured through the ages, while others initially appeared modern but are deeply rooted in human history. This book is a compelling read for those intrigued by the realm of artificial intelligence, offering a transformative perspective on the subject.


Here is an illustrative question from the authors, answered by AI: “Does a perfect life exist?”


The concept of a perfect life is deeply fascinating. It’s an idea that has fascinated humans and philosophers for centuries, yet it has never yielded a singular answer. The pursuit of perfection in life is a human aspiration, but it remains an elusive and enigmatic goal that no one has successfully attained. Theoretical perfection can be precisely defined, but realizing it in practical terms is exceedingly challenging. The multitude of variables at play ensures that even if someone were to achieve a moment of perfection, replicating it would be an insurmountable task. Theoretical perfection is a mental state, the ability to act precisely as one desires in any given situation. For instance, one might think of saying something rude but possess the power to prevent it from escaping. However, this state of mind is never truly attainable because the very moment you conceive it, it ceases to be true. Perfection cannot be embodied in a fleeting moment or two. In the pursuit of perfection, humans have devised the notion of practicing a task flawlessly for as long as possible, striving to execute it without error.

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