Mundo: 33 Poemas

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Saldira Saldanha’s second book, a collection of poems, delves into contemporary and universal topics, including climate change, social inequality, and the pursuit of justice. Through her lyrical prose, Saldanha leads us on a voyage through the challenges and uncertainties of the present world, sharing her contemplations and deepest emotions. She skillfully melds the allure of poetry with the potency of social messages to craft a compelling work. Her words, brimming with sincerity and emotion, have the potential to resonate with the hearts and minds of all who encounter them. This book signifies the poet’s growth and maturation, as she delves into more intricate and universal subjects while preserving her core essence and authenticity. “Mundo: 33 Poemas” is an essential piece for those seeking a enriching and emotionally stirring read, aiming to connect with the concerns and aspirations of our contemporary world. Saldira Saldanha is a poet whose trajectory is worth closely following, and she holds the promise of even more to come.

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Mundo: 33 Poemas




88 pp


Hardback: 9781954145702


Poetry / Literature

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