Las Aventuras de Gastão en Corea del Sur

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About This Book

Join Gastão as he embarks on a captivating journey through South Korea, a nation renowned for its enthralling history and cultural heritage. From the moment Gastão sets foot in this remarkable land, he finds himself immersed in its distinct allure. South Korea’s diverse cultural tapestry unfolds before him, revealing splendid ancient temples, mouthwatering Korean barbecue delights, and the hospitality of its spirited people. Gastão is awestruck by some of the world’s most astounding architectural marvels and left breathless by the sheer beauty of South Korea’s natural landscapes, which stretch from the majestic northern mountains to the serene southern beaches.


With enchanting illustrations that spring to life on every page and engaging prose that sparks the imagination, “The Adventures of Gastão in South Korea” vividly portrays this intriguing nation. Young readers will be spellbound as they accompany Gastão through bustling city streets, serene temples, and more. His thrilling journey offers a glimpse into the heartwarming culture, varied landscapes, and priceless cultural treasures that define South Korea. Why not let Gastão be your trusted companion? Grab your imaginary suitcase and prepare for an unforgettable adventure as you explore this incredible country without leaving the comfort of your home. This book is the perfect choice for inquisitive young minds eager to delve deeper into South Korea, and it serves as a delightful third installment in The Adventures of Gastão series.



Las Aventuras de Gastão en Corea del Sur




144 pp


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