Las Aventuras de Gastão en Japón

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  • Las Aventuras de Gastão en Japón-Seabra Chan-9798892140041

About This Book

Enter a dynamic blend of ancient traditions and contemporary innovations as you accompany Gastão on an exhilarating voyage through Japan in this enthralling second volume of The Adventures of Gastão children’s book series. Gastão is brimming with excitement as he finally embarks on his long-awaited journey to Japan, a country whose rich cultural heritage has always held a deep fascination for him. From tranquil temples to lightning-speed bullet trains. Gastão’s adventure is a tapestry of wonder and enthusiasm. He finds himself captivated by iconic sights such as Nara’s gentle deer and the peaceful shrines of Kyoto. It’s the remarkable warmth and reverence that permeate every aspect of Japanese life that truly enchant him.


Gastão bears witness to this profound respect in the modest way people interact, their care for the environment, and their unwavering dedication to preserving age-old customs handed down through generations. This indelible voyage leaves Gastão with a profound appreciation for the essence of Japanese culture. “The Adventures of Gastão in Japan” invites young readers to continue their exploration of the world’s marvels. Join Gastão as he feeds deer, immerses himself in ancient traditions, gazes in wonder at modern technology, and unravels the intricate layers of Japanese culture. Return from this backyard escapade with a suitcase full of adventures and a heart brimming with the cultural treasures of Japan!



Las Aventuras de Gastão en Japón




198 pp


Hardback: 9798892140034

Paperback: 9798892140041




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