Ed Atkins Ribbons Print. Photo by A. Chan.

The Experimental Surrealist Digital Art of Ed Atkins

in 1982, Ed Atkins is a British contemporary artist based in Berlin. He is best known for the hyper-realism and carefully staged photographs of his performances. He combines old found footage, drawing, sculpture and live performance in a constant process of recomposition. His work consists of processes of reinterpretation and transformation that tackle themes like the foundations of our understanding of living beings with its radical extension towards new possibilities.
Atkins works across sculpture and video installation, often using his own body as the central medium for his work. He uses computer code, electronics, digital media and more traditional painting materials to create work that explores our relationship to mediated images of the human body and face. His work frequently blurs the boundary between the real and printed page, using software glitches to create images that exist within a virtual memory.