A Mark Of Distinction: Capturing The Ethos Behind The Pierre Gaston Name

Pierre Gaston Watch launched a brand-new logo as a new companion to the Pierre Gaston name. This evolution propelled the watch brand towards new and exciting innovations. Pierre Gaston is an independent watch manufacturer known for their symmetrical watch cases and unique dials. Their collection includes the Pierre Gaston Date and the Pierre Gaston Tourbillon. Their clients have come to understand and appreciate the artisanal skill that is applied to each Pierre Gaston timepiece. The same holds true to the launch of their new logo.

The ancient spade symbol has traveled the world, and paints a complex picture with many layers of meaning. The spade is said to symbolize wisdom, acceptance, and labor, which perfectly marry with the dedicated and measured mindset required for fine artisanal production. The line that creates the tip of the logo serves to represent the hands upon a watch dial – representing the very passion from which the Pierre Gaston name first sprung. The logo’s sweeping shape continues to form the letter’s P and G, which of course need no introduction.

In addition, the historic spade symbol is said to represent a leaf from the tree of life, capturing the essence of the four elements, and the earth in its entirety. This sits rather magically with Pierre Gaston Watch’s drive to honor horological traditions, and crafting techniques from around the world. To learn more about Pierre Gaston Watch and their collection, visit them at pierregastonwatches.com.