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Baer & Bosch Auctioneers is our partner on this project. Their specialty in luxury watches and other items such as contemporary art, skateboards, and more required consistency across all of these objects with different themes yet still present within one catalog. We deliver this by creating a distinctive visual brand identity for each lot; the items Baer & Bosch offers are given an artistic story through color schemes to make it more attractive and noticeable. The result is a user-friendly, visually engaging design that will allow Baer & Bosch to promote their auction lots in an appropriate and appealing way.
Nonsuch Media offers extensive marketing studies in the fashion, retail, and auction sectors. After weeks of analyzing data from all angles, we discovered that a highly creative tone would capture the client’s attention more than anything else. This helped us develop new designs for Baer & Bosch’s many different auction items in diverse categories.
Baer & Bosch’s catalogues are an artful and creative way to help Baer & Bosch Auctioneers show off their many different lots in a beautiful way. It combines our expertise to fulfill the needs of customers searching for more than just watches, art, and jewelry, wanting instead something elegant but also vibrant. The result is a line of catalogs that is a synthesis of both traditional and modern values that can be used for many years.
Nonsuch Media has been working with Baer & Bosch Auctioneers since August 2012 to create beautiful catalogues to highlight the company’s diverse selection of items, from art pieces and jewelry collectibles to watches. The most recent catalogue is designed to celebrate designer art toys making it veer away from the conservative and increasingly outdated idea of what a catalogue should look like. With more than two hundred pages, the cover is designed with vibrant colors to highlight an exquisite collection of rare designer toys.
See what we did for Baer & Bosch Auctioneers’ Nov 12, 2020 auction catalog featuring Toys+Art+Life: Part 3

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