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Art Direction, Branding, Creative Direction, Editorial Design, Publication, Typography
Who would have thought that a cover design could be such an important part of the Baer & Bosch Auctioneers catalogs? Each auction cover is crafted with illustrations and designs, all done by our artists who use information about items like color or subject matter as inspiration for their work. This ensures that each one looks cohesive when put together with others from different auctions – creating an identity around them similar but unique at its core – its visual intelligence!
A cover is more than just a pretty picture. It needs to have the right typography, design, and artwork that communicate key details about the items being offered in an auction without overwhelming potential buyers with too many choices or information overload. We use our years of experience working on catalogs for Baer & Bosch Auctioneers to ensure each one is unique and coherent at the same time, combining design, typography, and art to create a strong visual identity.
See what we did for Baer & Bosch Auctioneers’ Aug 14, 2021  auction catalog featuring Contemporary Collection

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