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Designing for a well-known auction house like Baer & Bosch Auctioneers is an incredible experience. The Nonsuch Media team and Baer & Bosch collaborated to create dynamic visuals that highlight the auctions in their catalogs while also staying true to their brand identity. We came up with a design approach to work with diverse items, from luxury watches to three-dimensional art sculptures.
The Nonsuch Media team used their extensive knowledge of designing catalogs for other global auction companies. They then applied this expertise with a strong understanding of what it is about auction houses that sets them apart from other auctioneers: showcasing fine goods while retaining high levels of confidentiality between buyer and seller.  We know to provide prospective buyers a unique visual experience, it’s essential to create well-organized catalogs with aesthetically pleasing layouts.
From the early days of modern cataloging to today’s cutting-edge web design, auctioneers have been using visuals and typography not just for marketing their lots but evoking a formality that underscores its importance. Each Baer & Bosch auction catalog was designed with both artistry and function in mind. These covers were created as collaborations between artists who carefully orchestrated colors and illustrations into cohesive images while incorporating an identity around each event.
For another beautifully illustrated auction catalog, have a look at Baer & Bosch Auctioneers’ June 21, 2014, Fine Jewelry, Watches, & Pocketwatches auction.

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