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Baer & Bosch is a global auction house specializing in watches, skate decks, contemporary art, designer toys, and other rarities. We know Baer & Bosch Auctioneers is definitely doing something right when it comes to auction catalogs. They commissioned us for a creative identity that highlights unusual wristwatches, vintage pocket watches, and other curios. Auctions catalogs are an important marketing approach for auction companies. They provide a way to showcase the items up for auction and give potential buyers more information about what they might want to buy. Great auction catalogs have been providing collectors with detailed descriptions of auction lots since before online auctions became mainstream; it is one of the most important ways for auction houses to tell the story of the special objects through images as well as words.
To gain insight into the auction industry, Nonsuch Media conducted an in-depth study on how various factors influenced each other. We studied auctions from both buyers’ and sellers’ perspectives and focused on different categories such as clocks or antique furniture. Creativity is key in making a memorable presentation. Pursuing a creative visual perspective, the coveted auction catalogs were designed to be sleek and eye-catching. After consulting on this project with some different illustrators, we knew that a modern visual design was needed to present the auction catalogs most elegantly.
The Baer & Bosch auction company tasked us to create an extraordinary auction catalog cover for an extremely rare Cartier watch. The auction for this watch was most likely a first for any auction house. We created an entire catalog cover featuring the Cartier Tank reference 2414 in sterling silver. The beautiful salmon Cartier dial has the number 13, replacing the usual number 12. Only 100 of these Cartier watches exist in the world! This was definitely something Baer & Bosch wanted to bring attention to. The artist chosen for this project incorporated his style while conveying the Cartier Tank #2414’s elegance and sophistication. At Nonsuch Media, we believe in creating work that is not only effective but also inspirational; memorable because it stands out from the rest by virtue of its executional excellence: We always try our best to make every project special.
Discover Watch Auction: No 14, Baer & Bosch Auctioneers’ Oct 05, 2019 watch auction catalog.

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