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Art Direction, Branding, Creative Direction, Editorial Design, Publication, Typography
Baer & Bosch’s mission was for us to craft enticing covers for their auction catalogs. They specialize in luxury watches and contemporary art, intending to bring buyers and sellers together through their online auctions. We established a design approach that consisted of formulating creative ways to showcase lot items featured across all categories like skateboard decks, art toys, clocks, or horology books.
The Nonsuch Media team analyzed the auction industry to determine how best they could present inviting design styles for their catalogs. After conducting thorough research, our team knew that a highly crafted layout was necessary to make any difference in this competitive industry.
Baer & Bosch Auctions is committed to providing an unforgettable experience for their clients. They recognize that visual representation can profoundly affect how buyers and sellers perceive one another, so they wanted each auction catalog cover design to reflect the buyer’s taste while still tying it into Baer & Bosch’s overall aesthetic. With every new watch or sculpture comes unique colors and textures – but with careful planning from artists, we’re proud of our ability to find common ground between them all by using cohesive themes such as color schemes, shapes, outlines, etc., which are then translated onto the auction catalogs.
Baer & Bosch’s Fine Watches, Contemporary Art, & Vintage Cars auction catalog from November 02, 2013, features two ultimate classic cars – a 1964 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray and a 1988 Bentley Mulsanne S Saloon.

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