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Baer & Bosch Auctioneers is known for their auction offerings of rare and unusual items. They have continued to provide us with an overwhelming number of opportunities throughout the years, helping make our creative portfolio what it is today. Baer & Bosch offers a carefully curated selection of items, from artwork to watches. The combination of photography and outstanding design makes our auction catalogues work special and unique. The mix of striking visuals, catchy color schemes, and excellent functionality means you can admire the art before the auction starts.
The Nonsuch Media team found a competitive market drives luxury auction houses. The small niche auctions allow for better customer service, and rare auction finds; as we examined the auction process, we looked at it from a macroscopic perspective to more accurately predict what drives bidders to bid and win. We knew that Baer & Bosch Auctioneers needed a custom solution to address their specific needs and customer-facing issues.
Baer & Bosch auction house delivers a unique and unforgettable experience for bidders, collectors, investors, and anyone who wants to own something special. The Baer & Bosch team has formed partnerships with us at Nonsuch Media to create the perfect catalogue solutions. We walk through creating new auction catalogs from start to finish to create a unique, successful final product that will have collectors bidding on some of the most sought-after items in North America.
See what we did for Baer & Bosch Auctioneers’ Jan 16, 2021 auction catalog featuring Winter sale I

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