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An auction house is a competitive environment. Without an extraordinary marketing tool, you will not get very far in the industry. That’s why Baer & Bosch Auctioneers needed us to create their curated catalogs that would show off all of their collectibles and rare items for sale at their auctions. With our design approach, we created an engaging way to provide information about each lot while also keeping it interesting with unique formatting and creative ideas that change from page to page, giving people something new every time they turn one over.
One of the most important aspects of any auction house is presentation. Auctions are all about appearances; it’s what grabs your attention and makes you want to buy that watch or skate deck, so we knew an updated design was necessary for Baer & Bosch’s catalogs as well.
The Nonsuch Media team analyzed the auction industry to determine how clients would feel when they opened a catalog from us–as if their senses were being teased with every page flip. After intensive research, we realized modern sophistication was key here: updating layouts with sharp text blocks juxtaposed against softer colors helped give off this vibe without sacrificing functionality.
Baer & Bosch offers a distinct, cohesive experience for buyers when they browse the auction catalogs. Each cover was designed in collaboration with an artist to create visually impactful identities around each separate lot while also tying them together under one overarching theme of color and illustration.
For another great auction catalog example, have a look at Baer & Bosch’s April 6, 2013, Fine Jewelry & Important Watches auction catalog.

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