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The auction industry is competitive by nature. Without a proper marketing tool, you won’t get very far in this environment. That’s why Baer & Bosch Auctioneers needed us to produce their catalogs that beautifully display all of the items for sale at their auctions. With our design approach, we created an engaging way to provide information about each lot through unique formatting and images that change from page to page.
The catalogue is richly illustrated, with a glossy sheen and visually stunning images on every page. The colors used in the catalog are varied and vibrant while also adding depth to each design. All pieces showcased in these pages have been meticulously curated by our designers so that everyone can peruse what Baer & Bosch has to offer, no matter what their budget. Kept pace with an evolving marketplace, Baer & Bosch shifted their approach to sale catalog design for the better.
The catalogs were sent out to many collectors across the world, and we are now eagerly waiting for responses from all of them! Baer & Bosch plans on sending more copies out in the coming weeks, so be sure to sign up for Baer & Bosch Auctioneers mailing list below if you haven’t already done so.
See what we did for Baer & Bosch Auctioneers’ March, 20, 2021  auction catalog featuring Spring Sale: Part 1

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