Spring Sale: Part 1


Auction House

Auction Catalogs
Art Direction, Branding, Creative Direction, Editorial Design, Publication, Typography
Nonsuch Media’s Design Approach:  We established a design approach that would work well with these items by incorporating creative visuals such as vibrant colors while maintaining Baer & Bosch Auctioneers‘ signature style of high-end elegance through minimalistic designs meant to show off the lots themselves rather than overwhelm potential buyers with pictures or text.
Baer & Bosch required a design solution to make their auction catalogs more artistic and modern to reflect their brand. The impact of design on professional organizations is nothing short of staggering: building leaders with evidence-based strategies, skills, and practices that engage them in solving global challenges through coherent design initiatives.  We are very with the results of the design project. We have been co-creating tools and services that are available to the design community.
See what we did for Baer & Bosch Auctioneers’ April, 10, 2021  auction catalog featuring Omega Passion & More

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