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Auction houses require a variety of marketing tools to show off their lots, and Baer & Bosch Auctioneers sought out the services of our design team for just that. What started as an identity project soon transformed into something bigger than expected, with more creative freedom given by them throughout this process. We were able to assist with distributing paper-based catalogs alongside digital versions showcasing watch auctions or art pieces alike! Our approach was established from the start: we wanted it engaging while still being visually captivating enough to entice new customers and appeal to old ones.
The Nonsuch Media team analyzed the auction sector to determine how we could make catalogs more modern and sophisticated. Our design solution was clear after intensive research – a highly crafted look that would present auctions in style.
The Baer & Bosch auction house has crafted a seamless sensory experience for its customers. The company’s catalogs are designed to allow the colors and illustrations in each lot page, along with an artist-selected color palette on their front cover design, create a cohesive image of what is found inside. This helps set it apart from other auction companies that use photography as their only visual content strategy, which can sometimes feel more chaotic than coherent; after all, we have five senses!
Check out Baer & Bosch’s Fine Timepieces and Contemporary Art auction catalog from November 3, 2012.

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